Sunday, June 26, 2011


the first day of official summer just landed in my lap.
waking up with that deep deep sense of happiness knowing that you have completed a fantastic year is actually replaced with a pounding headache and the realization that you have weeks of exhaustion to overcome.
you stumble through the day more tired than you have been in weeks because even though psychologically you know that you can relax, emotionally and mentally you are still trying to recover from the stress of the last few days.
so your body is extra lethargic, extra slow, extra haggard.
it takes a good long while to start to actually realize that summer is actually here and that i can truly, for real, relax.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

strung together

sometimes decisions come that shatter you. decisions that you wish could change but that you know won't. worlds turn upside down, swirl around, mix up.
everything changes and scatters and breaks.
you are left wondering how it even was glued together in the first place.
pain, hurt, anger, confusion, loyalty lost.
infringing on your kindness, eating at your honor, creeping it's way into your otherwise happy heart.
assumptions are made, worlds are shaken, loves and lives are lost.
unknown. all of it.
wishing someone gave you direction.
wishing someone told you how it all turns out.
trusting a Higher power, something more than what this offers.
knowing that what is beyond is so much greater than what is here.
space and distance might change things but the heart is changed forever.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Why I Sometimes Hate Myrtle

It has been an incredibly insane weekend. Sometimes weekends are insane because you just have so many fun things planned and things you need to do that you are overwhelmed with the limited time and exhaust yourself in the process, but it's all fun. Then sometimes weekends are insane because you are faced with tragedy and have to figure things out, you are emotionally drained and have exuded all your emotional and mental energy. This particular weekend was filled with a little bit of both - making it even more impossible to get sleep.

So when I laid my head to rest at 1030 on Sunday evening, I was hoping, wishing, and praying for a good 8 hours of sleep - sleep that would prepare and rejuvenate me, and get me ready for my last week of work.

So when I was awakened at 4:00am by the sounds of Myrtle, you can imagine my complete disdain. Loud, incredibly loud music pounded it's way from a parked car on the street, up to my 3rd floor bedroom window. "It'll go away, no one can be that insensitive". It didn't. It pounded louder and louder. Obscene words started being shouted along with the deafening beat.

Is this for real?

I laid there in anger for about 3 minutes until I couldn't take it any more. I stood up and looked out the window. Found the culprit. Stood there for a good 5 minutes, imagining Samantha in Sex and the City when the noise to her window disturbed her peace. Granted I didn't live in SoHo and these weren't drag queens, but I imagined what she would have done. Eggs straight out the window and plopped right onto their heads. I thought about it. I did.

But alas didn't have the guts. So I crawled back into bed. And lie there, for the next 30 minutes, as the music and lyrics pounded into my brain, eyes wide open, sleep had completely escaped me.

Without going onto a whole other tangent about the plight of humanity, I just can't comprehend how anyone can think that it is OK to do something like that at that hour? It is a complete disregard for the inhabitants of the buildings of that street. It's so selfish and unfair. It just leaves you thinking - who do you think you are? It makes you hope that, when the time comes that you are the one whose actions are influencing others negatively (and that time will come, it always does), that you are aware enough to stop yourself, for the care and thoughtfulness of those around you. For the realization that we are all interconnected and our actions always have repercussions.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


This always happens in the last few weeks of school. The line gets completely blurred between home life and work life and you're not sure where you ate your dinner and when sleep turned into just something you had to do to make it to the next day. Things that happened on a Monday feel like they happened 2 weeks ago. Your dreams begin playing out the to do lists that now cover your desk. You wake up and think - "YES! I took care of that" but then realize that subconsciously you had taken care of it while your body lay in a heap on your couch and that you still had plenty of work to do.
Mornings where it usually takes me minutes and minutes to get out of bed, I instead jolt straight up hours before is humanly necessary and get started. Most people take advantage of waking up early - they might go to the gym, sit with a cup of coffee, read a little. Nope. I clean. In fact yesterday I began purging clothes from my closet. Seriously?
It always happens these last few days of school. It's like somewhere in the universe you are being told that you need to work even harder for this summer that is to come. You need to give every single ounce of energy you have so the sweet taste of summer actually effects your taste buds.
7. more. days. and. counting.

Monday, June 13, 2011

no time to write.

the notebook on my iPhone is filled with ideas. moments of inspiration, funny anecdotes, things to remember.
ideas to blog about.
but then there is never time. days come and go. once thing leads to another and next thing i know it's 11pm. i sit up in bed, computer on my lap, eager to start.
one sentence later, my neck feels the weight of my head bobble forward, eyes close, and i only lift my head minutes later to find one letter traced across the screen.
too tired to continue i close the computer and surrender to sleep, PROMISING myself that tomorrow will be different.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

the crazy lady.

You know the person who comes up to you at events, weddings, or parties - who is just a little too eccentric, they might be the ones that speak to themselves, laugh more at their own jokes and comments than anyone else does, and kind of just march to their own rhythm?
You ask yourself - who is this strange person? You interact to be kind, all the while wondering what you have to do to get out of the conversation.

Well, I have a stinking suspicion that at the last event I was at - I WAS THAT PERSON. The weird lady who keeps talking - I couldn't control myself! I kept giving one explanation after another, as if I had to explain the random, ridiculous phrase that had just left my lips. But with each sentence it grew worse. I KNEW that I should stop - my internal dialogue was stating, LOUD AND CLEAR, that this is not the right time...don't say that...who cares, no one needs to know this...

But I kept going.

I saw eyes glaze over and strange expressions pass across faces. I provided some meaningless joke to segway and then continued on to the next guest.

Inexcusable really.
I couldn't believe that I was THAT girl at the party. Hope this is just a passing phase.


I walked out the door of the school and the parent on my left goes, "Is that ours? Is that what we are taking to the Museum? That party bus?"

I look up and see an enormous long black bus, with tinted black windows, and HUGE letters across the side that say: NYC Party Bus! Oh dear God. This cannot be the bus that was sent to take myself and 12 of our families to the Bronx Museum of the Arts for a celebration of the art they have been working on this year.
I walk over cautiously and tap on the driver door window.
"Um, hi, is this for us?"
"For the kids, the kids?"
"Yes. That's us. Um. Ok. You are driving us to the Bronx?"
"Guess so."

Oh Geez. OK.
"Can I just have a look at the bus before I load families on?"

I step out to let him open the back door. I look into this alleged "Party Bus" - and it is exactly as the name implies. A semi circle of black leather couches, a stripper pole down the middle (yes, you read right), large screen TV's, and a huge stereo system. GULP.
"Um, sir? Are there no seat belts on this thing?"
I can feel my cool points dissolving before he even opens his mouth to answer.
I'm taking 15 children and 10 grown-ups on a bus across NYC without seat belts?

I emerge out of the darkness and as I do, I see 25 expectant sets of eyes on me, wondering what the results of my deliberations were. I smile (although fear is in my sunglass covered eyes) and give them a thumbs up. They cheer. Clearly they are way more excited than I am to have a potential lawsuit on my hands.

They hurriedly get on the bus while I explain to the bus driver that he needs to drive slower and more carefully than he has in his life and then tell all the families that bottoms stay on the (pimped out) black leather seats the ENTIRE time.

"What's the pole for?" I see the expectant eyes of a small child look up at me.
"Oh, that's just for friends who want to learn to be firemen - but we aren't going to practice that today. Have a we go!"

Party bus there, party bus back. Music blasting, all children safe.
I'll never look at party buses the same.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the Northeast

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Well, the train track to Boston is paved with picturesque towns that make you want to haul ass out of New York City.

I was completely blown away. Little creeks and rivers, ponds, lakes. And houses lining them, built into the hill, surrounded by trees, spilling into the water.

I love my City so much, but it is times like these that make you picture another life. Where your children play in big backyards, and the air is crisp and clean, and you can host whimsical garden parties on your back balcony, drink lemonade on a swinging bench hanging over your wrap-around porch.

Little New England towns that make you wonder how the other half lives.
It's just fun to imagine.

sleeping sun.

I had an early train. 7am to be precise. Out of Penn Station.
I was beyond exhausted (which is a phrase I have caught myself using more than a few times a day lately and I fear it is actually loosing meaning as it falls upon the hearers ears, so much so that they don't seize to appreciate and understand the brevity of the statement).
I had gone to bed late the night before, was all packed and ready to go. The alarm went off at 5:00am. My eyes were barely able to open. As though sleep himself had come and glued them shut. It was even harder to open them because of the intense glare coming from the window.
Wait? Is it 9am? Did I set my alarm clock wrong? Did I miss my train entirely?
I scrambled for my phone. Yup, there is was- 5:00am.
I had NO idea the sun shone so brightly at that time. Not only that but it sets way late in the evening at 9pm.
So little hours the sun gets to sleep. Making the days longer, giving us more time to enjoy what the word has to offer.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

the architecture in New York City never ceases to amaze me. i'll think i've seen it all and then i'll pass by a place and it will all be new. now i know it's no Italy. but there is something about the diversity in the buildings, the fact that on any given corner, in any given neighborhood, you will see beauty in architecture, is incredible.
the other day i passed by city hall. i don't EVER EVER EVER walk by city hall in Manhattan! ever! i don't think i had ever even been there before.
and there i was. looking up, at such beauty.
i love moments when i feel like i'm 5 again. when the world is filled with wonder and amazement. i love moments like that because they keep me grateful and inspired.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

for the love of glee

The thing is, that I love Glee. I mean I'm a lover of musicals. In my closet I have the play bills for all the musicals I have seen since I moved to NYC. There is quite a collection there. And so you see, Glee allows me to basically watch a musical every Tuesday evening. In the comfort of my own home, without forking over $98, and while still in my PJ's.
The episode where Sue's sister passes away and the glee club hosts a funeral has taken me over 2 weeks to sit down and watch. I wasn't sure why - it just felt like it might be too heavy. Like I had to be really ready to watch it.
So here I am, watching.

Thank God this all happens in the privacy of my chambers.
And now, on to the season finale.