Thursday, April 12, 2007


There are moments in your life, I can recall one most recently, where you feel utterly and completely confirmed. Your connection with Him is so intense and your prayers so precise, that when you recieve the direct response to them, you are completely humbled. And awed. It's something you can't even really explain or put a finger on. And when you try you sound like a complete lunatic. But you know that when it happens, when you feel it, when you are witness to your own confirmation, a feeling of reassurance washes over you and things are clear once again.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Chronicles of an Aspiring Writer: Day 2

Wake before the sun. 7am Bikram Yoga class. Feeling good about new life.
Find a wonderful little restaurant and walk in to be seated. Unfamiliar
surroundings and new people always invoke a certain sense of freedom. A
shedding of any fear or inhibitions. Read, write, enjoy an early

Drive around for a while. A luxury not easily bestowed upon the average New Yorker. Wind blowing, music blaring, heart free.

Find my way to the beach once again. A quiet spot to read and to write.
Writing begins. Pen easily flows, thoughts instinctively run. Phone call with my Publicist, all things going according to plan.

Get inspired to cut hair. Big time. Nathan, while consulting on who should have won Project Runway and what we really think ofTyra in America's Next Top Model, snips away. And snips, and snips.

Red from the sun, hair no longer there, still writing...

Chronicles of an Aspiring Writer: Day 1

Relaxing. Breakfast on the patio.
Beach time and becoming aqcuiated with the city that is to inspire me.
Already inspiration abounds. It takes form in the quiant houses on Coral Drive, the french restaurants on the beach with fresh flowers on every table, and the happy families playing in the sun.

Take it easy, have lunch, drive around, learn highway and street coordinantes.
Sun is about to set, get inspired to go for a jog. Drive to the beach, and jog along the boardwalk. Sit for a long time, looking out at the ocean, thinking. A long time. So long that the tears begin to stream down. The sound of the ocean and the waves reaching up to right beneath my toes. There is somethig so incredibly majestic about that immense body of water. Something that humbles you and forces certain realizations to surface. It is the begining of a long, long journey. One way or another.