Saturday, March 17, 2007

Wandering Mind

Airports are a funny thing. Make you stop and think - in fact force you to have to wait, by yourself, with uninterrupted time to contemplate. Not something commonly bestowed upon the average New Yorker. Bombarded by stimuli on a daily basis, you don't realize how much you actually crave the time to think. Constant going, constant
work, people, places, voices, demands - creates a circular motion of activity that you don't even realize you are in, until you have time to separate. Time to do nothing but wait. Watching people go by, good-byes and hellos, families, couples, people - all with their own story, their own aspirations and let-downs. And slowly as they whirl by you, you fade into a state of relaxation and reassurance.

If we want to survive we have to make time for the mind to wander. To allow for the
fantasy world to become something very real that we can escape to. To feel alive.

And with that rejuvenation of the mind and spirit, we face the next obstacle, the next cycle, with vigor and hope.