Monday, February 5, 2007


It is in the silent moments that you realize you come to terms with your weakest self. The moments when there is no noise, no constant outside interference that allows you to be distracted from what is most important. An examination of you.

She had to climb one day. She climbed 2 miles, up a mountain, in absolute silence. Although she was instructed not to talk, although she wished desperately to allow the voice to leave her lips, and although she resisted the whole exercise altogether, she submitted. And walked, in the heat, uphill, tired and internally complaining until the voices began to subside. A tranquility soon began to pour over her and with it came deep thoughts of intensity. Soon the eye was turned inward. And the reflection was clear. The thoughts were less about circumstance and more about the path that had lead to this walk. And when the top of the mountain was reached, heavy sighs of understanding followed by tears, were released. And the weaknesses become clear.

In that clarity there is a certain sense of calm that overcomes. A freedom. And once again you realize that you are here for great things. That your weaknesses are just that, weaknesses to help you understand your strength. And you are once again empowered to fulfill that role you know you were destined for. The role that will make your mark in this world.