Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yoga and Huevos Rancheros

I woke up very early today. 7:30 am for a Saturday? That's early. But I was wide awake. Cleaned my room, organized my closet, and STILL had an hour before I needed to be at my 10 am yoga class.
I decided to do something I ALWAYS wish I have time for but never actually DO have time for. Sit in a cafe and read. Yes! I'll take my book, sit in a cafe, read a little, get some mind stimulus before I cleanse my body and my spirit through my yoga practice. Proud of this decision, I set off to Pillow, a cute cafe down the street. I'll even have something civilized like a decaf latte while I read. Maybe even some fruit. So civilized.
Dreams get crushed as I see a thick chain round the blue gates of Pillow Cafe. Shoot! There isn't another cafe for blocks. I don't have much time.
I keep walking. And then the smell hits my nostrils and the sound fills my ears. It's the greasy Mexican food smell of my Tucsonian childhood. The mariachi music that would fill my ears as we all crammed into Losbeto's late at night for nachos after a night at the clubs. I walk in and it's all there. The colorful blankets strewn about, the posters on the wall announcing a 5,000 dollar reward for the arrest of Francisco Pancho Villa, and the smell of tortillas and refried beans. Blinded by nostalgia, I barely notice the large yoga mat tucked under my arm as I find a seat. Before I know it I have ordered the Huevos Rancheros and my mouth waters as the chile verde enters my mouth.
It is only then that I realize what a completely bad idea this actually was. In 45 minutes I'd be doing downward dog and Lord KNOWS that beans and cheese are not a good combination for any kind of bodily cleansing.
As I made my way to yoga my belly hurt. And I spent most of my yoga hour praying that I don't get sick rather than focussing on how far my body could stretch or long I could hold a pose.
Ya, huevos rancheros and yoga - not a good combo. But it was damn good.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


It's this strange time of year dangling between the humid heat of summer and the harsh winter months to come.
The leaves change - bright yellows, reds, and orange. And there is the smell of apple cider in the air, everywhere. Hot apple cider and cider donuts. Hay rides. Pumpkins. Apples.
And just plain cold.
I don't know how it happened. I feel like it just suddenly changed. All of sudden it was like, well - hello winter chill!
I refuse to give in though. I refuse to believe that in October I have to wear a heavy coat. In fact, so much in denial am I that I spent all day today in sandals. Yup, covered every other inch of my body, but remained in sandals. Because, really? Who can accept that those days of summer are over? Who can accept that cold bitter winds are in store for the next 6 months!?!
I'm mentally preparing. This is me. Mentally preparing.